Collage of Local 853 members

Get more active: become a Shop Steward!

Local 853’s Shop Stewards have a very important job – they help strengthen the Union by providing leadership at the worksite.

Duties of a Shop Steward include:

Act as an information source for members at the worksite.

The Steward relays information from and about the Local to the membership by regularly attending union meetings, distributing leaflets/information, updating the union bulletin board, and regularly talking to members about union issues. Stewards should be able to answer member questions about what’s in the contract, benefits, and more.

Act as an information source for the Union.

The Steward relays information from and about the membership to the Union by bringing member issues to the attention of the Business Representative.

Represent members.

The steward should be prepared to advise members about their rights when they face discipline or the threat of disciplinary action at the worksite.

Act as the contract watchdog.

If a member comes with a problem, or if the Shop Steward observes management violating the contract, the Steward is responsible for initially investigating the issue and providing advice as to the best problem-solving channel.

Participate in mobilization activities.

The Union expects its Shop Stewards to participate in and promote mobilization activities to help get the members involved.

Become a Shop Steward

If you are interested in being a Shop Steward for your worksite, or would like additional information, see your Business Representative or complete this form:

Please contact me about becoming a Shop Steward for my worksite.