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Teamsters protest Meta’s plan to cut shuttle drivers by 1/3

MENLO PARK, CA — On Thursday, October 20, Teamsters Local 853 mobilized at Meta’s Facebook Campus to protest the company’s plan to drop a third of its shuttle-driving workforce. Unlike other Silicon Valley companies, Meta has refused to mandate that its employees return to work on the main campus. While the company generously supported its contracted workforce during the pandemic, they are the first to announce severe layoffs.

As the chant went, “What do we want? Riders!” Teamsters came together to demand that the company rescind its layoffs and mandate that its employees return to work, not only for the shuttle drivers, but for the janitors, cafeteria workers, and security guards who are also being impacted.

Many thanks to our friends at Local 665 and GCC District 2 for turning out.

Here are just some of the news stories that came out of that event:


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Author: Local 853

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