Collage of Local 853 members

Teamsters Stand in Solidarity

A striking nurse stands with Sen. Alex Padilla (Center) and Local 853 Trustee Reggie Knighten.

After a week-long strike, about 4,800 nurses with the independent union CRONA (Committee for Recognition Of Nursing Achievement) at Stanford Health Care and Stanford Children’s Health in Palo Alto, CA won a significant raise over three years. Not only did Senator Alex Padilla turn up on April 29 for a major rally to support the picketing strikers, but he was joined by Local 853 Trustee Reggie Knighten.

Addressing the group, Padilla said: “I am proud to stand in solidarity with nurses today in calling for fair contracts and for the sustainable working conditions nurses need in order to continue providing world-class care for their patients.”

Reginald Knighten told the nurses and their children: “The Teamsters are here to let you know that we recognize your worth and stand with you fully. We have seen thousands of nurses standing strong on the picket line because you believe a better contract and working environment is not just possible, but necessary. We support you in your efforts to bring transformative changes for yourselves and your nursing colleagues down the line.”

Author: Local 853

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