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Master construction allocation settled

Business Rep and Chair of the Northern California Construction Committee Stu Helfer reports that the Northern California Teamsters Heavy, Highway, Building and Construction Committee settled their third-year allocation that increased wages and benefits by a total of $2.25 per hour.

“Over the 3-year life of this agreement, we saw wages increase by 11.67%; pension increase by 15.7%; we maintained health and welfare benefits for both active members and retirees, we strengthened our Training School Fund, and established a Labor Compliance Fund,” Helfer explained.

About 500 Teamsters in Locals 853, 137, 150, 315, 386, 431, 439, 533, 665, 890 and 948 are covered by this agreement. “But even more important, this agreement sets the bar for prevailing wage rates for Northern California and puts us in a strong position for a new agreement or extension in 2023,” Helfer adds.

Helfer says that the Committee looks forward to members having lots of work under this agreement given the recent passage of the infrastructure bill on the federal level.

Author: Local 853

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