Collage of Local 853 members

Local sponsors BBQ for Tesla drivers

When Tesla decided to contract only with WeDriveU to manage its tech bus service, the drivers who had previously worked for Compass did not lose their jobs. Rather, as the contract stipulated, they were brought on to the same contract, merging their service with the drivers who had been with WeDriveU from the beginning. Unfortunately, due to the merger of the two groups, some members were losing their previous place in the seniority line.

In order to smooth the merger, Local 853 hosted a BBQ on September 29, and served hot links, chicken, ribs, and sausage as a way to break the ice and get the two groups together before the merger was officially launched on October 1. For the 30 or so drivers who attended, the event was capped with a union-made cake decorated with the slogan “We’re not the best cuz we’re the biggest …We’re the biggest cuz we’re the best!”

Author: Local 853

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